Primary Characteristics

4A - Doubled 8-1, Clashed Obverse n


Discovered in 2015 by John Baumgart on our coin

Revised September 2017 from VAM 55A




Obverse Hub III2 Die 3

The left 8 slightly doubled at the lower left inside of upper loop. The right 1 is doubled at the top and on the lower right side of vertical bar as a notch.  However the first 1 and second 8 can also be doubled making this a somewhat confusing VAM to identify.


Some coins show a vertical die scratch outside the L in LIBERTY on the headband.  There are a few small horizontal lines inside of the ear.


There is a clashed obverse n at the front of Liberty's neck.


Reverse Hub C3 Die a





Other Characteristics

Obverse - There is a single diagonal polishing line at the bottom of the Y in LIBERTY


PCGS Graded Coins