VAM 33


Primary Characteristics

33 - Doubled Ear Bottom

Identified in 2002 by Logan McKechnie


Obverse Hub III2 Die 22

The ear is slightly doubled at the bottom of the earlobe.  There are also two die gouges within the inner ear near the bottom.


Doubled ear VAMs include:

27 - Doubled Ear

30 - Doubled 1- -1 & Earlobe, Reverse Legend and Motto

33 - Doubled Ear Bottom

33B - Doubled Ear, Clashed Obverse In & st & Reverse M

40 - Doubled Ear Inside and Bottom

45 - Doubled Left 1, O Set High


Reverse Hub C3 Die d

Normal Die



Other Markers:

There are a lot of features to the VAM 33 not mentioned in the description that are shown here.

  • The mint mark is tilted left.
  • There is a gouge running through the Y in LIBERTY
  • There is a rough die gouge in front of the nose
  • It can be clashed without letter transfer
  • There is a horizontal crack running through the bow about mid way
  • There are polishing lines near the end of the cap ribbon

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