VAM 49


Primary Characteristics

49 - Doubled 1-1, Die Gouge DOL


Identified in 2011 by Don Wilkinson


Interest Level 2 - Some Interest

Rarity 6 - Very Rare

Reeds 176


Obverse Hub III2 Die 13

There is a series of vertical polishing lines below cap ribbon as a die marker.



Reverse Hub C3 Die a

Long Thin die gouge through the letters DOL of DOLLAR.


This reverse die gouge is shared with VAMs:

1B1- Die Gouge in DOL & Denticle Impressions above DOL

1B2 - Die Gouge in DOLLAR, Clashed Obverse n & st

18 - Doubled 18, Die Gouge in DOLLAR & Denticle Edge Impression

43 - Doubled Left 8 & Phrygian Cap, Die Gouge DOL

49 - Doubled 1- -1, Die Gouge DOL


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