PCGS and Coin Data

Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  21911454

Grade: Mint State 62

VAM: 40 - Doubled Ear Inside and Bottom

VSS Number: 006328


Comments:  This coin is definitely an MS 62 with apparent bag marks on the cheek and in the field in front of the face.


This is one of those coins that can drive you a little crazy.  The earlobe doubling on the bottom is only visible in just the right light on the inside of the ear it appears as a slight line.  But it is all there.


In addition to the normal VAM identifiers, there is a small die crack that starts on the neck and runs down into the hair.  In the hair there are two additional small die cracks running basically horizontally across the hair.


On the reverse the mint mark is centered, but slightly high.  There is a small die crack running horizontally above the mint mark but below the bottom of the bow.


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