Extra Fine 45

ANA XF 45 Grading Standard

PCGS Graded Coins

A coin of grade XF 45 has light overall wear on the coin's highest points.


All design details are very sharp.


Mint luster is usually seen only in protected areas of the coin's surface such as between the star point and in the letter spaces.

ANA XF 45 Morgan Grading

Obverse:  Slight wear appears on the hair above the date, forehead, and ear.  Lines in the hair are well detailed and sharp.  Slight flat spots are on edge of the cotton leaves.  There are minute signs of wear on the cheek.


Reverse:  The high points of the breast are lightly worn.  The tops of the legs and right wing tip show wear.  The talons are slightly flat.


Surface:  Half of the mint luster is still present.  Very light wear on only the highest points.

PCGS XF 45 Grading

Detail is complete with some high points flat

PCGS XF 45+ Grading

Detail is complete with a few high points flat. Superior eye appeal.