Extra Fine 40

ANA XF 40 Grading Standard

A coin of grade XF 45 has only slight wear but more extensive than the preceding (XF 45), still with excellent overall sharpness.


Traces of mint luster may still show.


All design elements show clearly.

ANA XF 40 Morgan Grading

Obverse: Wear is evident on the hair by the neck, the forehead, and ear. The details in the hair are defined with only the high points showing some flatness. The cheek shows a small amount of abrasion.


Reverse: Finer details in the feathers on the wings are well defined. Neck feathers are evident but flat. Breast feathers are worn smooth. Talons are defined, but flat. Only the very highest spots on the wreath's leaves are flat; the rest of the leaves show finer details.


Surface:  Partial mint luster is visible.  Very light wear on only the highest points.

PCGS XF 40 Grading

Detail is complete with most high points slightly flat