Mint State 64

ANA MS 64 Grading Standard

A coin graded MS-64 has at least average luster and strike for the type.


Several small contact marks in groups, as well as one or two moderately heavy marks may be present.


One or two small patches of hairlines may show. Noticeable light scuff marks or defects might be seen within the design or in the field.


Overall quality is attractive, with a pleasing eye appeal.

ANA MS 64 Morgan Grading

None Described

PCGS MS 64 Grading

Some marks and/or abrasions, and they may be significant.  The strike and eye appeal should be average or above and must not be negative.  Luster may be somewhat subdued.

PCGS MS 64+ Grading

Very few marks/hairlines or a couple of heavier ones, strike should be average or above. Superior eye appeal.

64+ Mint State

64 Proof Like

64 Deep Mirror Proof Like

64+ Deep Mirror Proof Like