Good 04

ANA G 04 Grading Standard

PCGS Graded Coins

A coin of grade G 04 is heavily worn.


Major design elements are visible, but with faintness in areas.


Head of Liberty, wreath, and other major features, as applicable, are visible in outline form, without center detail.


Rims may be incomplete in spots.

ANA G 04 Morgan Grading

Obverse: The hair is well worn with very little detail remaining.  The date, letters, and design are clearly outlined.  The rim is full.


Reverse: The eagle is mostly flat but well defined. Some detail in the arrows is visible. All lettering is separate from the rim.


Surface:  Heavily worn.  The design and legend are visible but faint in spots.

PCGS G 04 Grading

Slightly worn rims, flat detail, peripheral lettering nearly full