Mint State 66

ANA MS 66 Grading Standard

A coin graded MS-66 has above average quality of surface and mint luster, with no more than three or four minor or noticeable contact marks.

A few light hairlines may show under magnification, or there may be one or two light scuff marks showing.


Eye appeal is above average and very pleasing for the date and mint.

ANA MS 66 Morgan Grading

No existing description but for MS-67 the description is:

Virtually flawless, but with very minor imperfections.


We can assume that the MS-66 definition would be almost the same.

PCGS MS 66 Grading

Few minor marks or abrasions.  The strike, luster, and eye appeal must be good.

PCGS MS 66+ Grading

Very few minor marks/hairlines not in focal areas, very good strike with superior eye appeal

PCGS Graded Coins