Almost Uncirculated 58

ANA AU 58 Grading Standard

A coin of grade AU 58 will have the barest trace of wear may be seen on one or more of the high points of the design.


No major detracting contact marks will be present and the coin will have attractive eye appeal and nearly full luster, often with the appearance of a higher grade.

ANA AU 58 Morgan Grading

Obverse: Has some signs of wear.  Liberty's hair above the eye and ear, edges of cotton leaves and bolls, high upper fold of cap.


Reverse:  Some signs of wear.  High points of eagle's breast and tops of legs.


Surface:  Weakly struck spots are common and should not be confused with actual wear.

PCGS AU 58 Grading

Full detail with only slight friction on the high points

PCGS AU 58+ Grading

Full detail with the barest trace of friction on the highest points. Superior eye appeal.