Fine 12

ANA F 12 Grading Standard

A coin of grade F 12 will show moderate to considerable even wear.


The entire design is bold.


All lettering, including the word LIBERTY (on coins with this feature on the shield or headband), is visible, but may only show parts of the letters.

ANA F 12 Morgan Grading

Obverse: The hairline along the face is clearly defined. The two lines in each of the cotton bolls show clearly. Some of the wheat grains merge.  The two cotton leaves are flat but separate from the details in the cap.


Reverse: One-quarter of the eagle's right wing and edge of the left wing are smooth.  The head, neck, and breast are flat and merge.  The tail feathers are slightly worn.  The top of the leaves in the wreath show heavy wear.


Surface:  Moderate to heavy even wear.  The entire design is clear and bold.

PCGS F 12 Grading

Some deeply recessed areas with detail, all lettering sharp