Mint State 60

ANA MS 60 Grading Standard

PCGS Graded Coins

A coin graded MS-60 will be unattractive, dull, or washed-out mint luster may mark this coin.


There may be many large detracting contact marks, or damage spots, but no trace of circulation wear. There could be a heavy concentration of hairlines, or unattractive large areas of scuff marks.


Rim nicks may be present, and eye appeal is very poor.

ANA MS 60 Morgan Grading

None Described

ANA MS 60 Morgan Grading

None Described

PCGS MS 60 Grading

No wear on the high points. There may be many  heavy marks and abrasions.  Strike may not be full, luster may be very dull, and/or eye appeal be quite negative.

60 Proof Like

60 Deep Mirror Proof Like