PCGS and Coin Data

Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  82490274

Grade: Almost Uncirculated 50

VAM:  50A - Doubled Ear Bottom Clashed Obverse n & st Reverse M

VSS Number: 012040


The grade for this coin seems right and the coin has a lot of wear, but not abuse.  The high points on the hair have been softened significantly and there is clear wear with the addition of the black marks.  The reverse seems to be in a little better shape with less wear on the eagle's breast.


A VAM 53 has a lot of interesting features and at this grade they are obviously still there.  The doubled ear is easily found as is the diagonal clash at the neck.  The n clash at the neck is a strong one, so still there even in these photographs.  The st clash is a little more difficult to see, but there.


The reverse clash can be seen at the top of the eagle's right wing and strongly to the left of the eagle's left wing.  The m is more difficult to identify in these photographs because there are some other marks in the area.


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