PCGS and Coin Data

Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  82490285

Grade: Almost Uncirculated 53

VAM:  43 - Doubled Left 8 & Phrygian Cap, Die Gouge DOL

VSS Number: 012080


Comments:  This coin was our first VAM 43 and we were glad to get it.  This VAM was very elusive and just plain difficult to pin down.  The overall condition fits with the grade definition, although we feel like there is little of the mint luster in the fields, if at all.  The darker gray color is indicative of tarnish and dirt.


Several of the features of this coin are difficult to identify without magnification because of dirt, but they are there.  The date doubling and gouge through DOL are clearly visible.  But the doubling at the cap and forehead are more difficult, only because of dirt.


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