PCGS and Coin Data

Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  53959854

Grade: Extra Fine 45

VAM:  68 - Doubled 18, O Tilted Left

VSS Number: 013030


Comments:  This coin loses a lot on style points because of the dark areas on the obverse.  The discoloration is likely  carbon based and from the planchet cleaning process.  However, we have never seen one this large.  But the smaller spots around the date and behind the ear likely confirm this issue.


We have no problem with the grade and we think it fits the wear pattern.  The O Tilted Left is obvious as a marker for the VAM.  There are many other points of confirmation for the VAM,  The date doubling, the die crack over the mint mark, the hair curls, and the pitting at the top of the left wing near the wing-neck gap.


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