July 2019 - Welcome



Reading List

Die Crack Fingerprints

VSS Submissions

We continue to build toward our next submission of 20 coins but we just are not there yet.  As we mentioned the last two months we have a coin we believe to be a VAM 47 for this next batch, so we are a little anxious to have confirmation of that find.


Die Study

The "O Set Left" study reached a point where we need input from Leroy and those coins have been shipped off to gain his insight.  When they return we will post come information to VAMworld and here.


VAM's 1H and 40

This is an issue that we believe only Leroy can give a definitive answer to in resolving whether or not doubled denticles exist on dies in a form not considered to be ejection issues.


We have four coins scheduled to go to Leroy from VSS submissions and we will be adding some examples of VAM's 1H and 40 to the mix to see if they need to be separated or combined.


That discussion is in last month's news letter and can be accessed from the link to May on the left hand column.

VAM 47

Our thanks to John Grimmer for passing along one of his VAM 47 coins to add to our collection.  His addition is certainly welcomed and narrows our search for the remaining VAMs.  This coin will also be headed to VSS for photography and we will add it here when it returns.


If you have an interest in the financial history of the United States this one is a great read.  If not, then you would find this about as dry as a book comes.  As a retired banker this filled in a lot of holes in my knowledge of early financial events in the Country.


But there are ties to the discussion of the Panic of 1819 and the ultimate gold and silver connections of our coinage.  This is a great book if you want to build your knowledge of our monetary system, but it is neither cheap nor easily read.


Titled The Panic of 1819: The First Great Depression (Studies in Constitutional Democracy), Andrew H. Browning deals with many issues that influenced our growth as a nation.  This book also ties in global events such as the "Year with no summer" which I had heard of, but knew nothing about.


For me it is excellent reading and well worth the time.


We plan to get back on this issue with the return of the coins from Leroy, but quite frankly a little rest on that topic might help.  There is a lot more to study on the 1881-O and we also need to spend a little "clean up" time with the existing data to be sure it is carried through to all the VAM and Die pages on the web site.


The look at the "O Set Left" issues could change some of our opinions of the Die l usage and we are a little stuck until we get that one put to bed.


Summer Happenings

And then there is the annual visit from the grandchildren which is in full swing and takes about all our energy.


As mentioned last month, VAM's are important, but not as important as quality time with them so news will be slow through early July.