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Die Fingerprints

Die Fingerprints

This month we are slowing down a bit to make changes to the web site and to complete a conversion of our PCs to Windows 11.  We also need to cross reference all our links in the  those within the site, not an easy task.

Windows 11 Upgrade

Our upgrade to Windows 11 went smoothly for the most part.  But with one computer easily qualifying, and the other not officially qualifying, it took a lot of investigation to figure out if the conversion was going to go smoothly.  Fortunately I got them both done with success.

Feedback from Leroy

We still have one coin to submit to Leroy for evaluation, but otherwise we are caught up with him.

Checking Connections

Our web site has thousands of connections that need to be tested, updated, improved.  Even though we will not mention them here unless they are significant, we will be working on these behind the scenes for months.


If you find a dead link let us know please.

Die Fingerprints

Die cracks and breaks, or as we like to call them "Die Fingerprints" are back on the table.  We have just seventeen VAMs left to analyze, not including VAM 1, and then this will spark further analysis.

The Die Fingerprints let us identify physical dies and their use.  This leads to questions about VAM numbers and die use sequence.

This also is an open ended discussion and analysis that will evolve as we learn more about each die.

VAM 4 - Doubled 8-1

VAM 4 is a pairing of Obverse Die 3 with Reverse Die a.  We have thirteen coins to examine, but only a few mint state coins.

None of the VAM 4 coins exhibit any obverse die cracks, but all are faintly clashed without letter transfer.

However on the reverse die there are some minor die cracks at AMER toward the rim.

83945438   Mint State 62

VAM 4A - Doubled 8-1, Clashed n

VAM 4A is a pairing of Obverse Die 3 with Reverse Die a just as with VAM 4.  We have only one coin to examine and it is an AU 50.

Like VAM 4, this coin exhibits no obverse die cracks, but is distinguished by the n clash at the neck.

On the reverse die we see the same faint die crack at AM that is the beginning of the die cracks seen on VAM 4.  Probably from wear the die crack was shortened.

24127031   Almost Uncirculated 50

VAM 26 - Doubled 18

VAM 26 is a pairing of Obverse Die 15 with Reverse Die a.  We have a large sample of VAM 26 and could find no example with die cracks on the obverse or reverse dies.

81942568   Mint State 63

26A - Doubled 18, Clashed Obverse us

VAM 26A is also very common and we have fifty-one examples in the collection as of November 2021.  All of the coins are Almost Uncirculated 50 and above, so not that many seem to have been circulated.  Our top grade is an MS65 and it shows a single die crack at about 9 o'clock at the rim.

But VAM 26A is one of the more attractive VAMs in the series with multiple clashes and also the bearded clash variety.  The reverse die shows signs of failure toward the rim at several points.

81422105   Mint State 65

It appears to us that VAM 26 came after VAM 26A and was a result of repolishing after the clash.