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VAM 27 - Doubled Ear

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LVA Submission

As soon as we put to bed the issues surrounding the "O Set Left" group of VAMs we have another group of four coins ready to go to Leroy.


Hopefully in this group there will be another discovery or two.


VAM 27 Again

Just when I thought I would not be able to find one of these in Mint State, one popped up on eBay and I was able to grab it for a reasonable (not cheap) price.




So I have one more hole plugged in the grading set side of things.



In the category of "never say never" I had just about given up on finding a Mint State VAM 27.  Maybe as I get a little older my concept of "reasonable price" changes a little also.


I have had no shortage of VAM 27 coins with sixteen of them.  These ranged from Vary Fine 25 up to Almost Uncirculated 58.  But the Mint State Coins always seemed to be just out of reach.



So why was this hole so difficult to fill?


Well PCGS has only certified 18 Mint State coins, with a top end of MS 63 where there is just a single example.  MS 62 is the most common with 9 certified coins.


Even with JB certifying others, this is a very small population and those who hold the coins are rightly proud of them.


Roger's new book has been reviewed and publicized in many places by now.

There isn't much to add other than I found it to be like his other works and is both well researched and very readable.


As always there is much to be learned from Roger's research and I can definitely recommend this one to anyone with an interest in Morgan Dollars.


This is a book I think should be required reading for anyone entering the hobby, especially VAMing.  Anything we can do to enhance interest in Morgans is a plus.


We will all be indebted to Roger in future years for his foundational work in sorting out facts from fiction.