Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  39234266

Grade: Mint State 61

VAM:  40 - Doubled Ear Inside & Bottom

VSS Number: 0


Comments:  The grade on this coin seems right, but the toning is on the reverse only and for some reason that makes us pause about listing it as a toned coin.  But if it were reversed we would list it, so we will.


VAM 40 is a little more difficult to identify for us because there are a number of VAMs with a doubled ear bottom and the doubling inside the ear is not always apparent to us.


The VAM is common and is readily available in a wide range of grades.

Speculative History

We think this is one of those coins stored in a New Orleans vault where minimal amounts of moisture was  play.  This is reinforced by our having more than one coin in similar shape with just a hint of color and what might have been if it was exposed for a longer period of time.

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Stages and Colors

The color in this coin is probably first cycle with tans and light yellows, but nothing more.