Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  82426814

Grade: Mint State 64

VAM:  17 - Dash Under 8

VSS Number: 012834


Comments:  At first we thought the coin might be over graded, but when you drop the color out it appears to have very few marks and the grade is right.


VAM 17 is one of the most common and we have many examples.  The single determining characteristic is the dash under the second 8.  The dash is somewhat obscured by the color, but clearly there if you know what your are looking for.


Speculative History

We don't think this is a bag toned coin because the overall color that seems to be uniform on both sides would be hard to produce in a coin bag.


But there is a lot to like in the dark versus lighter regions and the overall appearance when you look a little deeper.



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Stages and Colors

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We did not do enlargements of both sides of this coin because the colors are essentially the same on both sides even though the reverse is toned only at the rim.


To the untrained eye this coin might just appear to be dirty, but it is toned.  There are the first few stages of color where russet and amber come into play.  Then there is some progression with cyan, sunset yellow, and orange.


So maybe there is a little more to like here than first meets the eye.