Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  84127940

Grade: Mint State 64+

VAM:  27 - Doubled Ear

VSS Number: None Issued




Comments:  We literally stumbled across this coin on eBay on a day we were just looking for toned coins.  Mint State VAM 27 coins have been too expensive for us up to this point and this one is special.  It is not VAMed by PCGS but we will send it in for identification.  When labeled this will be the highest graded VAM 27 coin and the toning just adds more value.

Speculative History

On a coin like this one the exposure had to be on both sides which we think takes away bag toning as an option.  The coin looks to us to have been stored in an album where it was held in place by a tab across the back.  It could also have been on a sales piece of some sort where a tab across the back held it in place.



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Stages and Colors

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The obverse of the coin is in an earlier stage of toning with the light gold to amber range of color.


But the reverse is much more interesting and in later stages of oxidation.  With the emerald green and magenta mixed in with the gold this points out areas progressed all the way to the third cycle of toning.


A great addition to the collection in 2022!