Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  29526808

Grade: Almost Uncirculated 53

VAM: 9.1 - Doubled 18, Dot in O

VSS Number: 020545


Comments:  The color on this coin is outstanding and makes one wonder if it was even more vibrant before circulation, or was it returned to the mint and rebagged to become toned later.  I believe it to be the later option.


Another great thing about this coin is that it is affordable.  For anyone working to start a toned Morgan collection, at this grade the coin is affordable, even if the seller wants a premium for the color.


The progression of the color is correct moving from lightly toned at the center to very deep colors toward the rim.  This makes sense since the further away from the source of contact the lighter the toning would become.  The colors toward the rim are in the 4th cycle of toning indicating the toning took a long time.


A great coin for the collection and a good one as an example for other collectors.



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