PCGS and Coin Data

Catalog Number: 7128

Serial Number:  82490306

Grade: Almost Uncirculated 58

VAM:  28 - Doubled Profile, Die 3

VSS Number: 012079


Comments:  Of the three dies identified for VAM 28, Die 3 is proving to be the most frequent.  But what proves to be unusual about this coin is the grade.  So far most Die 3 coins are either PL or DMPL condition.  The other two dies tend to be either low MS status or circulated.  So what probably happened was a bag, or many bags, of VAM 28.3 coins were put away in the vaults and never made it out into circulation.


This is a nice AU58 and we think close to the top of the grade.  The fields are certainly cleaner and nicer than many MS coins The doubled profile is easily identified and read.


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