VAM 28


Primary Characteristics

28 - Doubled Profile


Identified in 1997 by Jeff Oxman


Interest Level 2 - Some Interest

Rarity - 5 - Rare

Reeds 176


Obverse Hub III2 Die 17

Die 1 - The Liberty head profile is slightly doubled from the forehead to the chin. The phrygian cap is weakly doubled at the top edges.  There is a spike in the upper loop of both eights.  There is a die marker of a scratch at the back of the eye at the hair line.


Die 2 - Die chip at top left inside of the left 8 upper loop.  There is a die marker of a diagonal die scratch below the right rear of the Phrygian cap.  There is a reverse die marker of a polishing line on the second inner feather from the bottom of the eagle's left wing.


Die 3 - There are lines and pitting in the eagle's left wing-neck gap.  There is a diagonal polishing line in the R of LIBERTY.


Reverse Hub C3 Die a

Normal Die


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