February 2018 - Welcome



New Toned Coins

New VAM 1D "Flaky Eye"

As we ended the year and look back a lot happened and we can only hope that there will be an equal level of activity in 2018.

VSS Submission



LVA January Supplement

VSS submitted a number of items for LVA t

Big Goal for 2018

In 2018 we will cross over 1,000 coins in the inventory and now cover almost 90%

Web Site Change

Organizationally we reached the point

Our latest group of coins back from VSS has a number of nicely toned coins in the group.  You


Die Fingerprints

We continue to work on the reverse die fingerprints and we are making some progress.  This month we only tackled Die b because we were reworking other areas of the web site to make them more functional.


The analysis of Die b is listed below.


Included in this month's inventory additions are







Morgan Dollar "Fingerprints"

Morgan Dollar "Fingerprints"

In May 2017 we started an analysis of die cracks that we are likening to the uniqueness of fingerprints.  We continue that analysis this month with the first of the reverse die analyses.

To observe the die cracks and breaks magnification is often needed.  Also, high quality images such as the ones we use from VSS also help.  Some die cracks are more visible in the high quality images because contrast is easier to create, which reveals the cracks.  This analysis is really getting "down in the weeds," but that is a part of what makes this fun.  Please remember that you are looking at later die states in most cases and coins of the same die/VAM combination will exist without many of these features.